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A lifestyle change in a shooting range
A tightened vein tastes like cheap champagne
It’s hard to find such a troubled mind
So don’t even try

A screaming ear hears it’s oh so near
A comforting hand in another land
Will no doubt betray and it’s so far away
So don’t even try, don’t even try

Oh so likely it’s just another phase
You had to so much you just forget to read through
Small print that always follows satisfaction
Confession erection obsession
Take your mind off all you thought before
Take one step outside your closet door
You know most things aren’t worth waiting for
So don’t try, don’t try
Don’t even try

You’re stuck in a rut and you make a cut
A slice of a knife isn’t much of a life
So don’t even try, don’t even try
Don’t even try

Words by Emma Williams. Copyright ℗ 2003 E & G Music.

Lyrics by E. Williams.
Music by E. Williams/G. Davies.
This arrangement by E. Williams/G. Davies/J. Ings/A. McGill.

Recorded, engineered and produced by Joe Ings and Amy McGill.


Emma Williams – voices
George Davies – guitars, bass
Joe Ings – slide guitar, synths, drum programming
Amy McGill – synths, drum programming

Fun Facts:

  • This song is in the key of Dm and the guitar part is played using a drop-D tuning.
  • Don’t Even Try was performed as a live acoustic number on many occasions by George and Emma at various open mic events.