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Spiritual Remission by Dark Company, from the album Can of Worms.

Spiritual remission
Reprieve for the God-good heart
Spiritual remission
Clean at the bleak day’s start
Swallows making summers
Red sea waves that part

Spiritual remission
Shames the Judas-lie words
Spiritual remission
Truth’s some beady-eyed bird
Fortune tellers failing
To tell what they had heard

Spiritual remission
Compassion still-born inside
Spiritual remission
Lifesaver’s got a rough ride
People making a big noise
As their size they try to hide

Spiritual remission
Political plague of prayers
Spiritual remission
Stock market sinners shared
Rooms within mansions
Dreamcoats we all wear

Words by Peter Greatorex. Copyright ℗ 1991 D & G Music.

Lyrics by P. Greatorex.
Music by G. Davies/P. Greatorex/J. Willmot.

Copyright © 2015 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1991 D & G Music.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by G. Davies at Wud Records Studio One 2015.


PJ Speed – vocals
Zak Black – guitars
Maxx Damage – bass
Sven Stiglund – drums

Fun Facts:

  • This song is in the key of Bm and the tempo is 128 BPM.
  • From what we can remember, which is mostly a blurry haze, the music and arrangement for this song may have been created after a few pipes of particularly good gear.
  • We all fell in love with Jeff’s bassline at once.
  • George’s guitar part was rather vague to start, possibly due to the affects of aforementioned pipery.
  • This arrangement of the song was put together from a number of attmpted takes we found lurking on a cassette.
  • Listening back some years later, it would seem that during rehearsal and writing Dark Company produced a variety of progressively pipe-affected but better known and understood versions, some of which were very different to each other.