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Victory Garden by Dark Company, from the album Mind Dance.

Freeze frame the victim
The picture in the still
Is that really what you look like
When you’ve got time to kill
The world it went off sideways
Became a pig-in-a-poke
Bought with your last dollars
And now you say you’re broke

Carbon up the date
The past place where I stood
Can this be the Memphis blues
I heard that was no good
My yoyo spun like crazy
It turned into a sword
Flying up and down the string
Saying: “Are you insured?”

Keep back all the data
The disks and other things
“Why are you so just like me?”
The mirror gaily sings
I lost my heart to an organ bank
My life is Looney Tunes
“I don’t inhale,” said the President,
“But I get high on the fumes.”
“I don’t inhale,” said the President,
“But I get high on the fumes.”
“I don’t inhale,” said the President,
“But I get high on the fumes.”

Words by Peter Greatorex. Copyright ℗ 1999 Dangerous Ditties.

Lyrics by P. Greatorex.
Music by G. Davies/P. Greatorex/S. Lock.

Copyright © 2015 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1999 Dangerous Ditties.

Recorded, engineered, mixed and produced at Wud Records Studio One 2015.


PJ Speed – vocals
Zak Black – guitars
Maxx Damage – bass
Sven Stiglund – drums

Fun Facts:

  • This song is in the key of F#m.
  • The other chords are D, Eadd9 and C#m7.
  • Pete drew inspiration for these lyrics when the media were trying to impeach the then president of the USA, Bill Clinton, for various alleged actions..
  • The line “Is that what you really look like when you’ve got time to kill” refers to the alleged existance or otherwise of photographic stills taken from CCTV footage.
  • “I don’t inhale” is apparently something that ex-President Clinton once may have said in an interview regarding his college days and smoking marijuana.
  • “My life is Looney Tunes” refers to a time when Pete was watching a lot of cartoons on satellite television.
  • A victory garden is something that existed during wartime in Europe where people grew some of their own produce to help ease the burden on the food supply.
  • Pete never felt that this was a very strong song until George wrote the lead guitar melodies, which totally made it for him.