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History’s blistered with mountains of lies
The Earth is buried under easy skies
But I’ve seen Demons look round the Sun
I’ve seen badlands and too many guns

War torn stories with scenes of the dead
Both sides fighting, rules are not read
But I know different from what they are told
It’s all for one master and his hold on gold

I know too much about the rulers and ruled
And vaccinations kids get in the schools
Someday someone will knock on my door
But it won’t be my blood soaking the floor

Stone aged stones walked the Earth
The Sunlight sighed and went in reverse
Now look around, what is it you see
The thaw has started but it’s not for free

The Sphinx it bowed down the sky
Lowering its head with blazing eyes
It kissed the few and caught up Man
We gotta break free while we surely can

Words by Peter Greatorex. Copyright (c) 2009 The Dark Brothers.

Lyrics by Peter Greatorex.
Music by George Davies/Peter Greatorex