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Flares burning, night stars turning
The jugglers and the clowns of the circus are returning
And the ghost of the hunter doesn’t stay any longer
He’s killed all the old things to make himself younger

Smoke rolling, red fires melting
The kings and the clerks of the money streets are running
And the sign of the soldier has been eaten by a creature
The world doesn’t need violence for a teacher

Here on Terminal Road
We’re on Terminal Road
Here on Terminal Road
We’re on Terminal Road

Lamps bleeding, rain clouds twisting
The mechanics and the mayors of the small towns are missing
And the mark of the beast is getting much clearer
It’s right up close and getting weirder and weirder

Flags flowing, colour fields glowing
The jokers and the knights of the past are cloning
And the shadows of the moon paint darkened faces
With a mere mirrored light that midnight chases

Here on Terminal Road
We’re on Terminal Road
Here on Terminal Road
We’re on Terminal Road

Words by Peter Greatorex. Copyright (c) D & G Music 1992.

Lyrics by Peter Greatorex.
Music by P.Greatorex/G.Davies/J.Willmot.
Recorded at Silent Running Studios, Exeter, by George Davies, 1992.


Peter Greatorex – vocals
George Davies – guitars, sequencing
Jeff Willmot – bass, sequencing


  • This song is in the key of Dm.
  • George plays the guitar parts on Nicodemus.
  • Jeff played his bassline into the S900 and parts of it were used throughout the song.
  • This song along with The Forger and Medicines had radio airplay in the UK and Spain.
  • When the band were to play live, the plan was to perform this song as the very last one so that they could leave the stage with just the machines working away.