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Blue House (laughter version) by Dark Company.
Album: Signmaker

Bonus track!

I don’t fit in your ice lolly mould
I don’t fit in your car
I don’t fit in your cute hornrims
I don’t follow your star

I’m just so awkward
It’s too good to be true
Got ideas like a disease
There’s nothing in my head except John Coltrane
I can’t make sense of what I see
I can’t make sense of what I see

I’m just so precious
Cos I know I’m so right
Got no limitations of thought
There’s nothing in my pocket except a lump of steel
Money’s no honey and life is short
Money’s no honey and life is short

I’m just so dreamy
And I’m living a lie
I like the lie I’m living too
There’s nothing in my wallet except a smeared photo
And you know it isn’t even of you
You know it isn’t even of you

I’m just so twisted
Don’t want to find the door
Outside is where you should be
There’s nothing in my heart except a Bowie knife
One cut, you know, it sets me free
One cut, you know, it sets me free

I don’t fit in your white ski pants
I don’t fit in your tweeds
I don’t fit in your hip Raybans
I don’t have your needs

I’m just so weary
Much too tired to sleep
Got this roller coaster bed
There’s nothing in my soul except some hot be-bop
What you asked is what I said
What you asked is what I said

I’m just so cool
I’m cut right outta ice
Got words like a freezing snow
There’s nothing in my mind except a long bus ride
I keep telling you I’ve got to go
Keep telling you I’ve got to go

Words by Peter Greatorex.
Copyright ℗ 1991 D & G Music.

Lyrics by Peter Greatorex.
Music by George Davies/Peter Greatorex/Rowena Parsons/Don Wills/Jeff Willmot/Ben Ballard/Simon Malpas.

Recorded at Silent Running Studios, Exeter, by George Davies, Autumn 1991.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2010.

Peter Greatorex – vocals
George Davies – guitar
Don Wills – guitar
Rowena Parsons – tenor sax
Simon Malpas – trumpet

Cover Art:
Mondo Smile by Peter Greatorex

Fun Facts:
* Watch out for the occasional expletive!
* This recording captures a few moments of absolute hysteria.
* It was mostly caused by Simon discovering a whole scale of entirely inappropriate notes on the trumpet.
* Everybody giggled at some point in this song.
* Giggles during a performance can be highly contagious, as anybody who ever watched an ‘out takes’ show on tv will know.
* There was one moment where everybody caught the giggles at the same time.
* The song almost ended in total chaos a couple times.
* Pete did a great job keeping the band rolling along.
* It’s not easy to play trumpet or sax when laughing because one’s mouth will not generally maintain the correct shape.
* This song is in G#m minor and has some fabulously jazzy chords.
* In later versions of this song, there was a section in three-time and a duel between the bass and drums.
* A more polished version of this song will eventually be found on Dark Company’s unfinished Can of Worms album.

Copyright ℗ 1991 D & G Music.
Copyright © 2010 Wud Records.

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