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Dangerous Dub by & co.
Album: Signmaker

Bonus track!

In the circus there’s a uniform for Fun
The love they got is fired from clownish guns
But it’s so dangerous
Armed laughter changing us
Warmed up with a yellow paper sun

Each act in line comes right in on cue
Bringing our emotions into view
And it’s so dangerous
Armed laughter changing us
Next time bring your mind along with you

There’s a pistol in my smile
It shoots grins for miles and miles
But look into my eyes
The reflection’s saying goodbye

Outside the ring we sit and blankly stare
Nobody but our own selves in the chair
But it’s so dangerous
Armed laughter changing us
Close your eyes and no-one knows you’re there

With animals such tricks are neatly made
They nod and wink in terminal parade
It’s oh so dangerous
Armed laughter changing us
Into their souls we think we can invade

There’s a pistol in my smile
It shoots grins for miles and miles
But look into my eyes
The reflection’s saying goodbye

Words by Peter Greatorex.
Copyright ℗ 1990 D & G Music.

Please note that the vocal part is not fully included in this version.
Lyrics are included here so that the listener can sing along.

Lyrics by P. Greatorex.
Music by G. Davies/P. Greatorex/S. Lock/J. Willmot.

This remix version created at Silent Running Studios 1991 by J. Willmot.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2010.

Originally released June 2000.
First re-release 16th December 2010.

Peter Greatorex – vocals
George Davies – electric and acoustic guitars, bass, Boss DR220A drum machine
Sammi Lock – flute
Jeff Willmot – soprano saxophone, mixing desk
Rowena Parsons – tenor saxophone

Cover Art:
Basset Space (Alien Seed) by Peter Greatorex

Copyright ℗ 1990 D & G Music.
Copyright © 2010 Wud Records.

Fun Facts:
* This track first appeared as a bonus track on the reissue of Signmaker in 2000.
* This is more of an & co piece as it is a remix of Armed & Dangerous.
* One of the most interesting things about this track lies in the soprano sax and the flute.
* Some of Jeff’s sax parts and Sammi’s flute parts present in these remixes were subsequently replaced by those you can hear in the finished Signmaker version of Armed & Dangerous.
* This track and Dangerous Dub came about when Jeff and George had a mix-off in the studio to make a dub mix of Armed & Dangerous.
* Both versions are first take, no warm up or anything!
* We cannot confirm who was the winner.
* Nor can we confirm whether or not any eastern spices were involved.
* We suspect there probably were.
* This track and Armed & Dubwise led to the birth of & co, the remixing division of Dark Company.
* The name stems from the ampersand ‘&’ in ‘Armed & Dangerous’.

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