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Hair and Eyes by Flicker.
Album: At Least 1000 Words

Composed by G. Davies/D. Danielli.

George: guitars, Plank, synths, EDP Wasp
Dave: drums, analogue synth

Project directed by George Davies.

Drums recorded at The Old Mill Studios, Thorverton.
Recording engineer: Greg Daniels
Strings and synths recorded at Chiseldon House, Exeter.

Engineered, mixed, produced and mastered by Dave Danielli.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios (uk) 2012.
Remastered again at Wud Records Studios (EU) August 2023.

Originally released 31st July 2002.
First re-release 12th May 2012.
Second re-release 1st September 2023.

Copyright © 2023 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2000 Explicit Music.

Fun Facts:
* Sometimes if a person has especially beautiful hair and eyes, it is impossible for a person attracted to said lovely being to see beyond their beautiful hair and/or eyes.
* It can sometimes be impossible for the infatuated to realise that there is in fact a whole person there, with things like a character, a soul, intelligence, aspiration – even a nose.
* Hair and Eyes is a reminder to the wilfully blind that sometimes there is more to a person than the superficial.
* The wud-wud-wud-wud-wuds at the end were made using the EDP Wasp.
* Flicker recorded lots of sounds on it in a few long takes and just chopped the waves up, dropping small parts into various tunes throughout the At Least 1000 Words album.
* Dave played the analogue synth part in the F and G section.
* The instrument was very new and needed some of his technical wizardry to work it.
* George played the bassline on the Plank and the other synth parts.
* All of the guitar was played on the Ice Maiden.
* Hair and Eyes is in the key of A minor.
* The tempo is 150 BPM and there is a section in seven-time.
* Flicker started creating a remix based around the slower wistful section towards the end.
* There was a part in the DAW called “Guide Plank 69” which was the basis of it, but that whole project was never developed very much.

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