Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with Wud Records and all of the bands that come under the Wud Records label. Explicit Music is headquartered in Exeter, England.

Oily Road Hideaway was written after being stuck near Stonehenge on the A303 for several hours while a breakdown recovery service tried not too hard and with little joy to come to the rescue. One would have thought there were not too many roads called the A303 in that area, but nevertheless it took about 10 hours to get back home and miss Floyd’s wedding, and this tune was the first thing George played when he arrived back home, having had no sleep at all the night before. It was rather unglorious. The Hideaway was also the name of the club where the Live Stage used to put on bands. The stranded people in the car were all the Live Stage posse. It’s the only tune with a drum machine program on the album and has a two-string lead part, so if you’re at a party and find a broken guitar you can play… this!


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