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Serendipity by Flicker.
Album: At Least 1000 Words

Composed by G. Davies/D. Danielli.

George: guitars, synths
Dave: Plank, drums

Project directed by George Davies.

Drums recorded at Clark’s Cottage, West Putford, North Devon.
Strings and synths recorded at Chiseldon House, Exeter.

Engineered, mixed, produced and mastered by Dave Danielli.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios (uk) 2012.
Remastered again at Wud Records Studios (EU) August 2023.

Originally released 31st July 2002.
First re-release 12th May 2012.
Second re-release 1st September 2023.

Copyright © 2023 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1999 Explicit Music.

Fun Facts:
* After George returned from the Czech Republic to the uk, it was not long before he became involved in the music scene again.
* One of the bands he worked with at that time was Search Party.
* George’s role was sound engineer and manager.
* Soon afterwards the band was signed to indie promotors Masswick.
* Search Party were a favourite band of the party scene from around 1997 onwards.
* Serendipity was inspired by a Search Party song called One Direction
* Serendipity was composed in honour of the band Search Party and their wider entourage.
* A search may lead to serendipity, after all.
* A little Search Party material is available to be heard in the Archives section at the Wud Records website.
* George didn’t have any of the lead guitar part worked out until the record button was pressed.
* Dave’s astonished face when he heard it for the first time was a picture!
* He scratched his head and said “Wow, that’s a completely different tune to the one I thought it was!”
* The backwards acoustic guitar was a substitute for an acid trumpet, a player for which could not be found.
* The lead at the start is handled by Nicodemus with the acoustic and the Ice Maiden doing the rhythm.
* After a time, the electric guitars swap roles.
* The swoopier lead and high notes moves to the Ice Maiden while Nicodemus takes the heavier rhythm.
* The ‘verses’ are an F# major chord rooted on the second fret, with the B and hi-E strings open, then E minor.
* Chords involving fretted notes with harmonics are F#11 and E minor.
* Although Serendipity starts in the key of F# (the very first note is E), it ends on a B minor.
* Tempo is a determined 136BPM.

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