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Sauce! by Flicker.
Album: HappySad

Composed by G. Davies.

George Davies – guitars
Maxx Damage – bass
Sven Stiglund – drums

Recorded, engineered, mixed, produced and mastered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter, 2016.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2023.

Originally released 14th October 2016.
First re-release April 2023.

Copyright © 2023 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music.

Fun Facts:
* Sauce! is cheeky, suggestive, innuendo-laden saucy sauce, rather than, say, ketchup – hence the exclamation mark.
* This tune was born from the idea of when somebody looks at you in a particularly special way and you both understand immediately.
* Sauce! is a tune in the glorious key of G.
* The dominant D is too confused to know whether it wants to be major or minor, so it changes from one to the other.
* George plays the guitar parts on Nicodemus.
* Maxx is slapping the Plank (literal fact rather than euphemism).
* Sven is busy hammering away on mostly Tama and Zildjian, with a curious yet devastating wooden piccolo snare of unknown origin and a china cymbal from a specialist in a backstreet of London.
* The main G-chord of this piece is a G no-3rd, or the ‘Van Halen G’ if you will.
* This chord is played with just the thumb over the low E string on the third fret and deadening the A string completely, then the first finger fretting the B and hi-E strings on the third fret.
* The G and D strings are open.
* This a great chord for flapping the other fingers about wildly to make it look like you are playing something impressive.
* Maxx does some wonderfully saucy string bending and slapping over the main G-riff which adds to the whole feel of cheekiness.
* Towards the end, George plays some double right-hand hammer-ons to make four-note arpeggios over the main theme of the piece.
* This is a technique he first saw a wonderfully talented young busker from central Africa using in Soho to play a Joe Satriani cover.
* The melodic middle section is Gm, F/G, Cm, Bb/C, Dm, Fmaj7, Ebmaj7; Gm, F/G, Cm, Bb/C, D7sus4, C7sus4, D7sus4, C7sus4, D7sus4.

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