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Indian Summer by Laughing Sun.
EP: Cander

Burning incense on the breeze
Floats out of your room
Falling down the corridors of yesterday
Feel it in the air
Maybe it’ll be coming your way

Carry me away
Indian summer
Carry me away
It’s been so long
Carry me away

Standing on the doorstep
Dancing round the room
Rainbow dancing showers on the lawn
Never thought at all
That it would ever fade away

Carry me away
Indian summer
Carry me away
It’s been so long
Carry me away

Passing places full of you
No longer seems to be
Too far behind, too far away to see
If I close my eyes
I can sometimes drift away

Carry me away
Indian summer
Carry me away
It’s been so long
Carry me away

Words by Ken Staple.
Copyright ℗ 1985 Explicit Music.

About This Recording:
This recording is from a bootleg cassette recorded nearly 40 years ago. The cassette machine was placed to hopefully capture as much of the sound as possible, whilst being in a convenient spot to turn on and off.

Although we have managed a massive improvement to the quality of the audio, there remains a certain amount of hiss and rumble and ambient noise. Traffic can just about be heard passing by on the main road outside from time to time. There are various shufflings of feet and papers, clickings of effects pedals and machines, and so on. It’s a very genuine recording, and we love it for what it is.

The audio quality was never going to match today’s squeaky-clean digital standards due to the nature of the source material. As such, we have come to embrace the remaining hiss and rumble. They are a crucial part of the organic atmospherics that contribute to making this EP such a special listening experience.

Ken Staple – voice, then bongo
Simon Miller – bongo, then lead guitar
George Davies – acoustic guitar

Music by George Davies and Paul Kay.
Lyrics and vocal melody by Ken Staple.
This arrangement by Laughing Sun.

Recorded live at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter, 11th September 1985.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2023.

Originally released 12th September 1985.

Cover art by Pok.
Graphic design by Sam James.

Copyright ℗ 1985 Explicit Music.
Copyright © 1985 Wud Records.

Fun Facts:
* Indian Summer was composed in 1985.
* It is a cover of a Wud song that the trio must have spontaneously felt like playing.
* It started out as one of George’s many guitar tunes, created using a riff that a guy called Paul Kay had shown him.
* This riff is the slidey, pretty Am7 riff in the “Carry me away…” chorus section.
* George gave a recording of this tune, and a few other pieces, such as the track that became So Begins the Crying, to Ken, so that he might write some lyrics.
* Ken’s Flambeau, which George plays on this recording, was still strung with battleship chains and still very tough to play.
* At the end of the third verse, Pok quickly hands the bongo to Ken and breaks into a beautiful improvised guitar solo.
* The guitar break is played on Ken’s black Shaftesbury Les Paul copy.
* Everything was recorded onto cassette, with the electric guitar and vocal mic running through an HH five-channel PA.
* The acoustic guitar and bongo were simply picked up by the mic in the cassette recorder.
* There is a lot of ambient noise, such as hiss from the PA and the occasional sound of a car or lorry going past in the background.
* As far as we can tell, this is the very last recording we have of anything Ken ever sang.
* He did a beautiful job but times were changing.
* Cander marks the transition from Wud to Laughing Sun.
* Goodness knows what became of Ken, nobody has heard anything of him since the late 1980s.

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