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She’s Beautiful by Laughing Sun.
EP: Cander

Well she’s walking with a sultry air
Golden feather stuck in her hair
Oh me oh my with her wake going by
It occurred to me that I might fly
Oh me oh my that’s something I spy with my eye
She’s alright
And these things going on inside my brain
Won’t stop they only refrain
They only refrain
Only refrain

See the world open before you
It may even appal you
Step back before you fall you
Cos you got a road to travel
A road to travel
A road, yeah

I said she’s beautiful
Wanna make her mine
I said she’s beautiful
And she’s blowing my mind

See the world open before you
It may even appal you
Step back before you fall you
Cos you got a road to travel
A road to travel
A road

I said she’s beautiful
Wanna make her mine
I said she’s beautiful
And she’s blowing my mind

Words by Simon Miller.
Copyright ℗ 1982 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

About This Recording:
This recording of She’s Beautiful is from a bootleg cassette recorded nearly 40 years ago. The cassette machine was placed to hopefully capture as much of the sound as possible, whilst being in a convenient spot to turn on and off.

Although we have managed a massive improvement to the quality of the audio, there remains a certain amount of hiss and rumble and ambient noise. Traffic can just about be heard passing by on the main road outside from time to time. There are various shufflings of feet and papers, clickings of effects pedals and machines, and so on. It’s a very genuine recording, and we love it for what it is.

The audio quality was never going to match today’s squeaky-clean digital standards due to the nature of the source material. As such, we have come to embrace the remaining hiss and rumble. They are a crucial part of the organic atmospherics that contribute to making this EP such a special listening experience.

Simon Miller – voice, guitar
George Davies – guitar, voice
Marc Greatorex – bass

Music and lyrics by Simon Miller.
This arrangement by Laughing Sun.

Recorded live at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter, 4th September 1985.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2023.

Originally released 12th September 1985.

Cover art by Pok.
Graphic design by Sam James.

Copyright ℗ 1982 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.
Copyright © 1985 Wud Records.

Fun Facts:
* This was one of the very first songs that Pok ever wrote.
* It is in the key of A major.
* A studio version of it is in the works and will appear on Pok’s Anthology album when it is finished.
* There is a lot of improvising in this performance, and yet we regard it as probably being the definitive version of the song.
* The ending section was completely unplanned, improvised and an inspired moment of sublime delight.
* Some of the lyrics had not been written, or at least not correctly recalled, at the time of this performance.
* Pok later wrote some more definitive lyrics to end the song with in 2008, during the days of Alchemeon.
* The lyrics published here are transcribed from the audio, rather than the ones published for Alchemeon, Pok’s Anthology album, and other places.
* She’s Beautiful was subsequently performed by the Spacegoats and Alchemeon, although no recordings of their versions exist, as far as we know.
* All instruments and mics are plugged into a 5-channel HH PA head and a pair of dual concentric speaker cabs elevated on their poles.
* A large proportion of the hiss in the recording comes from the PA.
* Simon plays Ken’s black Shaftesbury Les Paul copy and George plays the Ice Maiden, which was almost brand new at the time.
* George always found the line he was asked to play by Pok rather curious and delightful.
* It is not a particularly obvious line as it effectively makes a C major chord with an F# root.
* Marc plays Excaliber, his short scale Kay bass, and doesn’t know the song very well at this time.

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