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We Know You Well by Laughing Sun.
EP: Cander

I saw you dosing in your room last night
You thought you were racing but your face it was white
I’d like to make you but the wall’s in the way
I’d like to take you but you’re drifting away
And we know you well
We know you well

Wise master sat at your desk in school
Who are you kidding?
Who’s the fool?
You like to push pens in the wisdom of your years
Don’t you know yet that your mind is full of fears?
And we know you well
We know you well

Wisdom of ages is there in your head?
Would you use it or abuse it instead?
That you knew the word you knew was all that was real
Universe there in your hands, how does that make you feel?
And we know you well
We know you well

Lyrics by Mark Drower and Simon Miller.
Copyright ℗ 1982 Pok Songs/MGD Music/Explicit Music.

About This Recording:
This recording is from a bootleg cassette recorded nearly 40 years ago. The cassette machine was placed to hopefully capture as much of the sound as possible, whilst being in a convenient spot to turn on and off.

Although we have managed a massive improvement to the quality of the audio, there remains a certain amount of hiss and rumble and ambient noise. Traffic can just about be heard passing by on the main road outside from time to time. There are various shufflings of feet and papers, clickings of effects pedals and machines, and so on. It’s a very genuine recording, and we love it for what it is.

The audio quality was never going to match today’s squeaky-clean digital standards due to the nature of the source material. As such, we have come to embrace the remaining hiss and rumble. They are a crucial part of the organic atmospherics that contribute to making this EP such a special listening experience.

Simon Miller – voice, guitar
George Davies – guitar, voice

Music and lyrics by Mark Drower and Simon Miller.
This arrangement by Laughing Sun.

Recorded live at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter, 4th September 1985.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2023.

Originally released 12th September 1985.

Cover art by Pok.
Graphic design by Sam James.

Copyright ℗ 1982 Pok Songs/MGD Music/Explicit Music.
Copyright © 1985 Wud Records.

Fun Facts:
* We Know You Well was originally composed in late 1982.
* There is a very early snatch of it on a bootleg recording of Now from 1982.
* It begins with a long hypnotic rhythmic drone based on an Am11 chord (XO553O), which is a theme that repeats throughout the song.
* A studio version of We Know You Well appears on Pok’s Anthology album.
* It was also performed by Beyond the Pale, in a show that has subsequently gone down in the annals of legend.
* There are a number of quirks in the Cander performance which led to it becoming the definitve version of the song, on which subsequent versions were based.
* The tuning part became a little scene all of its own in later versions.
* Pok’s furious pull-offs at the end were an early addition to the song.
* In this version, Pok plays the Ice Maiden (which was only a couple of months old at the time) and George plays Ken’s black Shaftesbury Les Paul Copy.
* The filthy dirt on the guitar probably comes from Simon’s MXR Distortion pedal.
* This was the final song recorded on the day and has something of an ‘end-of-term’ joy to its vibe.

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