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Woke up this morning
Was walking down the street
Traces of vomit over my feet
I’m so sick man, couldn’t take my eats
So damn lonely I couldn’t stand the heat

Later that bad day I took a trip
Someone spiked my drink
With some darn ‘lips’
And when I woke up I was sick
So smashed man that I needed a kip

And by the evening I’d had my fill
Lunch had been not a thrill
Thousands of gallons of pigswill
Felt so bad and pukey
That I took some pills

By three in the morning
Things were getting dire
My whole body was on fire
Seems I’m always burning burning burning
Like a funeral pyre
It was so damn hot in there
That I got the piles

Breakfast time once more
It was bangers and mash
I finished the barbs that give you a bash
Head was spinning going round
I crashed out onto ground
I was so down man
Freedom hadn’t been found

Round dinner time again
The bacon pan sizzled
Lost so much blood
My liver was frizzled
And now I’m an angel
Died of the whistles
Looked in the pan again
The meat was grizzled

Words by N.Glanville/S.Miller/D.Leach/R.Rugg/G.Davies. Copyright (c) Pok Songs/Explicit Music 1982.