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How can you tell if it’s friend or if it’s foe?
You can never be sure in the dark
Reminding you of horrors read on someone’s older knee
Keep you tucked well in your sheets
A crack of light from out the sky
The door swings to and fro
Middle of night and what a fright
A figure moving slow

Yes this is a world full of portals and windows
We don’t know what lies beyond
Stuck in a room you’ll play a sick tune
If you don’t breathe the air outside
Should you but one day walk on out
See what you can find
The darkness is a friend you know
Though it seems to make us blind

It’s been a long time since I took a walk
With you by the stream
So if you like we’ll go down there
And talk of where we’ve been
Lying in the water clear
I found an ancient ring
Gave it to you I felt I ought
I’m sure you’ve worn that one before

Then you spoke to me about the fear
That lies hidden in the dark
You want to know just what to do
As if I held some clue
Look within yourself my love
Within will rule without
But while you’re chasing phantoms round
Make sure you give ’em something to laugh about

You told me about a month on
You woke in the dark of night
A man was there in your room all right
You shuddered but it seemed all right
He took hold of the ring
That was lying there on the desk
And said” Oh child you’re one of us
But you must just wait a while”

And so we talked about this for a while
How she coped with her mind
She seems so much better now
She faced the fear as it came to her
She understands the ways and means
Of fear of the unknown
She found the way to all our hearts
Is the way to her own

Words by Simon Miller. Copyright (c) Pok Songs 1985.