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Well we came across some Indians they were sitting in our road
And with careful words we offered peace and them our weapons showed
They made it and said they sought a man with such purple skin
If we had him there on board they’d scalp and do us in
It’s a long time since I saw such a man I said and they replied
“OK go on you tell the truth I can see it in your eyes”

Later on our road there was a boulder in our path
Meg the man said “What shall we do no way can we get past”
I steamed a bit and thought a bit, said this man tells the truth
So I gave up being leader and sat down to pick my tooth
Meg took on the role and quickly had it sussed
With forty pounds of dynamite the rock we did bust

Soon the cook was heard to cry “There is no more water left in here.
I am making a casserole and the pot is burning dry”
So I threw a coin into the air, said “This one I’ll try” A few words from the good old book and rain fell from the sky
“What was the other choice you had” they asked, and I replied:
“I don’t want to answer that now, let me out I want to pass”

Faintly nightfall does it’s bit and we rattle on in dark
Tootsie starts a singing he says “It’s for a lark”
Unfortunate for him it wakes something to cause his demise
A stowaway that was on board who pokes his head outside
Tootsie gets a fright and falls down and dies
But what was more was still to come. At night, colour lies

Of the four of us left on the bus, Mook, Meg, Mos and I
Not one of us did realise till the sun it did rise
That the new man who spent the night explaining who he was and where he’d been
Had a case of the most purple skin we’d ever seen
We whistled nervously till mid afternoon
Then Meg saw a bunch of Redskins, I feel down in a swoon

Round about that time an eagle flies on down
Says “We got to wrap it up here before we reach the next town”
So he does a bit of act shifting, messes round with our scene
The Indians become a film projection on a Hollywood film screen
“What a pity they had to go like that, we could have made some friends”
Purple man smiles, disappears and leaves a feather where he’d been

Get up stand up be yourself, wear a feather in your hat
If you truly believe in yourself you will remember that
When you see your light a-coming, come to you it will
Expose yourself to its full rays and just soak up your fill
Take my advice my friend and wear a feather above your face

(last time)
You can be a man of Wud or you can go insane
Take our advice my friend and wear a feather in your mane

Words by Simon Miller. Copyright (c) Pok Songs 1985.