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The Mirror by Mark Drower and the Everyones.
EP: The Blaze Tape

I see my image is cast upon the wall
I see the mirror but I don’t know what it’s for
Reflected in a moment I can see all I am
Passing on the light well I’m doing what I can

Now I’m gonna fly high
I’m gonna fly high

Waves crest and crash in the rhythm of my waking
Moving through the past I can feel foundations shaking
Reflected on the screen I can see what might have been
In others who before who had the strength to dream

Now I’m gonna fly high
I’m gonna fly high

We want to say we love you
We want to say it so
We want to say we can feel you
But the words they will not flow
We want to say we love you
We want to say it so
We want to say we believe in you
But the words they will not flow
The words they will not
The words they will not
The words they will not flow

I can see the people move through the tides and the times
From the past to future they will sing the same old rhymes
Displayed before our eyes we can see eternal plays
Merging into one as time begins to say

Now I’m gonna fly high
I’m gonna fly high

Words by Mark Drower.
Copyright ℗ 1982 MGD Music.

Music and lyrics by Mark Drower.

Mark Drower – acoustic guitar, lead vocal
The Everyones – backing vocals

Who were The Everyones?
> https://www.wudrecords.co.uk/artists/mark-drower-and-the-everyones/

Recorded 2nd September 1982.
Engineered. mixed and produced at Blaze Recording Studios, Torquay.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios.

Copyright © 1982 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1982 MGD Music/Explicit Music.

Fun Facts:
* The acoustic guitar in this song is tuned DADGBE.
* One time George performed this song at a friend’s 21st birthday celebration to a large hall full of relatives and friends.
* During the performance he had a moment of mispronunciation and sang “From the past to pilchard they will sing the same old rhymes”, which caused much hilarity and laughter among the backing singers.
* The error went completely unnoticed by the relatives.
* During a Flicker rehearsal that took place upstairs at The King’s Arms in Ottery St Mary in 2002, this song was played at high volume to force the appearance of any astral imps that may have lurked there for the previous 20 years.
* None manifested themselves.
* The Mirror was the last of the four live songs performed during the play, when Everyone finds resolution through Insight and self belief.
* The Mirror was subsequently played by Fooog Dinboffin and the Release, Now, Lemming Meringue, Wud and Pok the Bard.

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