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Cunning and Tricks

Cunning and Tricks

There was a train coming in to my borderlands
It looked like it was pretty full
It’s loaded with many crates and much cargo
Through which I’ll have to shift
And though it really isn’t permitted
I’d be thankful for some help

The world of work and partying
Wanted to interview me
I took a look and spat out a tooth
Walked away so lonely
And I don’t recall anyone laughing
And I don’t recall looking you in the eye

Of the seven white knights that I met on the road
Only one turned his head to me
He opened his mouth and the words just fell out
While he waved his sword in the air
But he spoke in rhymes in riddles
And I didn’t catch any he said
Just then a dove flew out from above
And I fainted there where I stood

A man told me once to be prosperous
Either that or I read it somewhere
But whose advice should you take in the end
When you’re up against cunning and tricks
And it seemed I was looking something in the eye
Which I had forgotten or overlooked before

Now it’s a real hang to have so many plans
But not the bullets to start with
I’ll take my leave just as soon as I please
I just wish someone understands
And that’s why I’m howling names on a hilltop
Yes that’s why I’m calling your name

Lyrics by Simon Miller.
Copyright ℗ 1984 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

Cunning and Tricks

Music and lyrics by Simon Miller.

Copyright ℗ 1984 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

This arrangement by Pok, ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex, Maxx Damage and Sven Stiglund.

Recorded and engineeered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter, 2015.
Mixed and mastered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter, 2016.

Copyright © 2016 Wud Records.

Pok the Bard – voices, guitars
‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex – harmonica
Maxx Damage – bass
Sven Stiglund – drums

Fun Facts:

  • This is one of several songs in which Pok planned to feature the Potty Colonel.
  • The musically rather odd section where the Potty Colonel issues instructions made little sense to any of us until the aforementioned Colonel performed his part. Suddenly it all fell into place. Genius!
  • When Pete was recording his harmonica part, the face he made when he heard and tried to play along to the Potty Colonel section was extraordinary!
  • Sven hammers away on a big metal rail at the same time as his snare drum to increase the hobo factor of the overall vibe.