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Young Light

Young Light by Pok the Bard.
Album: Anthology

Young Light

When I’m close to you like this
What is it that I miss
Always takes so many years
And meanwhile your conscience sneers
To be always there
Always there
To be always there
Always there

Silver dust is in your hair
You can become aware
You can tell a sunset by the way she moves her eyes
You can’t catch the wind but you sure can try
You can try
You can try
You can try

Young light
Young light
You will always be turned on for me
Young light
I can hear you calling me
You will always be turned on
For us…

Words by Simon Miller.
Copyright ℗ 1983 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

Young Light

Music and lyrics by Simon Miller.

Copyright ℗ 1983 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

This arrangement by Pok, Fedax Si-Hulmin, Maxx Damage and Sven Stiglund.

Recorded and engineered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter, January 2013, then October 2016 and March 2017.
Remixed, produced and remastered at Wud Records Studio One, Central Europe, 2024.

Pok the Bard – vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo
Fedax Si-Hulmin – electric guitar, piano
Maxx Damage – bass
Sven Stiglund – cymbals

Originally released 19th January 2013.
First re-release 24th March 2024.

Copyright © 2024 Wud Records.

Fun Facts:
* Young Light was composed in the summer of 1983.
* The song is dedicated to the memory of the inspiration that Mark Drower brought.
* It is in the key of G major.
* There have been many versions of this song over the years, and this is the only one with a banjo.
* Pok happened to have brought a banjo along on the occasion when this song was recorded and it seemed like a fun idea to include it.
* Fedax came up with the little melodic motif on the piano and guitar in the “always there” and “you can try” sections many years previously.
* There is no particularly discernable tempo.

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