Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with Wud Records and all of the bands that come under the Wud Records label. Explicit Music is headquartered in Exeter, England.


Obscured by a light in the corner of an eye
Awakening from a dream held in the sky
Stars shine bright, galactic night
Pathways to other worlds
Moving through the spacelanes tonight
The star chasers

A shaft of light stretches dawn across the sky
Breezes like fond memories now blow
A cosmic flight on wings so light
Through patterns, colours, lives
Loving it and hoping for some more
The dream makers

Words by George Davies. Copyright (c) Explicit Music 1986.

Lyrics by George Davies.
Music by George Davies/Jerry Peirce.
Recorded at The Riverside Nightclub and 32 Howell Road, Exeter by Paul Bateman and George Davies, Summer 1987.
Remastered at Wud Records Studios 2010.


Andy Richardson – vocals
George Davies – guitars
Jerry Peirce – bass
Danny Bouget – drums


  • This song was written at around 7am on 11th July 1986 after George had been up all night making Subterraineans music with Dean and then walking home across the city as the sun was starting to rise one beautiful summer’s day in 1986.
  • A lot of people seemed to like this song and it was usually played as an encore.
  • The key is Cm and Jerry’s bassline was arguably his most melodic of the entire Rough Terrain set.