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I tell you but you don’t want to know
You made your mind up you want to go
But then from the cold icy stare come the words “I care”
I care

I don’t want to wait around this time
I don’t want to wait for things to go wrong
I’ve waited too long
I’ve waited too long

I need to have you now
I need your release
I need your peace before I tear myself in two
I want to want you now
I want that release
I want your peace
Before I tear myself in two

Pieces of me, pieces of you
We’re beads on a worry bead threading us through
I want your commitment
I want your delicate hand in mine
Oh babe please say yes this time
Oh babe please say yes this time

Words by A. Richardson. Copyright © 1993 Explicit Music.

Words and music by A. Richardson.
This arrangement by The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

Recorded, engineered, mixed, produced and mastered at Wud Records Studio One.

Copyright © 2017 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1993 Explicit Music.

Graphic design by Blueprint Studios.


Q.Wim Lijkkes – vocals, guitar
Yuri Nation – guitar, vocals


  • This song was written on Sunday 24th October 1993.
  • It was first played by The Bastard Sons of Dennis on Exmouth beach in the early summer of 1994.
  • It has never been performed live by our gruesome twosome as it has a slow tempo and a sensitive feel, which would be incongruous in one of their high-energy live performances.
  • Pieces Of Me has a long history and we all felt it deserved to be included on the Cherry Smoke Empire album.
  • It was also performed at the spontaneous gathering of The Bastard Sons of Dennis in May 1998.
  • For a complete change, it features Yuri on bass rather than guitar.
  • This is as an echo of the 1998 jam session.
  • It was recorded at 432Hz.