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Aha! La silla!
Alguien fijo el fuego a la silla.
Alguien fijo el fuego a la silla.

Ah, there’s the chair!
Somebody has set fire to the chair.
Somebody has set fire to the chair.

Que se ardia cuando llegue…
¿Por qué usted no llamó al departamento de bomberos?
Mi teléfono barato tiene solamente los números cero a ocho.
Tire el otro que hace las campanas atar.

It was like that when I arrived…
Why did you not call the Fire Brigade?
My cheap phone only has the numbers zero to eight.
Pull the other one, it has bells on.

¿Cómo llegaste a todos aquellos vinculados a la pierna?
Bueno, no fue fácil y tardó algo más de una semana, pero lo logré al final, como se puede escuchar.

How did you manage to get all of those attached to your leg?
Well, it wasn’t easy and it took just over a week, but I managed it in the end, as you can hear.

Donde esta mis banera de los hermanos?
Donde esta mis banera de los hermanos?

Where is the bathtub of my brother?
Where is the bathtub of my brother?

Words by A. Richardson/G. Davies. Copyright © Explicit Music 2012.

Lyrics by Andy Richardson/George Davies.
Music by Andy Richardson/George Davies.

Recorded, engineered, mixed, produced and mastered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter, by George Davies, Autumn 2012.


Q. Wim Lijkkes – acoustic rhythm guitar and Spanish voices
Yuri Nation – acoustic lead guitar and English voices

Album cover artwork by Blueprint Studios.

Copyright © 2012 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2012 Explicit Music.


  • The story of The Furniture / Los Muebles is a traditional northern Spanish sea shanty from the Asturias region.
  • It tells a tale of how a disfunctional family of linguistically challenged fishermen lost and then found some furniture following a flood, and the consequences.
  • Linguistically challenged means, in this case, they were not terribly bright and could not even speak their own language very well.
  • The Spanish version has been loosely translated into English by The Bastard Sons of Dennis.
  • From an idea by Daniel Richardson.
  • This song and its anomalies of translation make a great teaching aid, if one happens to have students learning English or Spanish.


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