Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with Wud Records and all of the bands that come under the Wud Records label. Explicit Music is headquartered in Exeter, England.


Words can tell me some things but there’s much more to say
You can’t catch your freedom but you can give it away
Here’s a moment’s creation
Here’s a billion people
Here’s a child in my arms
Here’s another day
Once in every lifetime for every experience
For everything

You and me we’re a paradox
We could be total strangers
And the grey ones among us are strangers to us all
You and me as people
We’re all one big heartbeat
Between the good and the evil
We’re all the same wall
Social inter-harmony
Racial co-existence
Reflections of each other make up all our ways

Words can tell us some things but there’s much more can be said
It’s all a case of freedom
Never throw it away
Here’s a new emotion
Here’s a reason to stay
Here’s my heart’s resolution
Here’s the way
Once in every lifetime for every experience
You can do what you want
But do you really want what you do?

Words by D.Danielli. Copyright (c) Ug Music/Explicit Music 1994.

Words by Dave Danielli.
Music by Dave Danielli/George Davies/Graham Barbe.
Recorded and produced by George Davies at Wud Records Studio Three, Fore Street, Exeter in Spring 1995.


Natalie Board – vocals
George Davies – guitar, vocals
Dave Danielli – bass
Graham Barbe – drums


  • This song in A started life before the Ug Brothers reformed in the summer of 1994.
  • It began as a bassline that Dave had composed and some guitar licks that George had put together.
  • These parts had been composed independently and were put together during a serendipitous moment of jamming.
  • Dave’s bassline became the verses and George’s guitar licks become the instrumental section.
  • Dave wrote the lyrics during the massive drive for lyrics that the band embarked upon one afternoon. He also composed the vocal melody.
  • George created and sang the vocal harmony.
  • This is one of those rare song where everything starts all at once.