Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with Wud Records and all of the bands that come under the Wud Records label. Explicit Music is headquartered in Exeter, England.


All across the world a brand new age is dawning
The sunlight through the trees brings the prophet’s warning
Will our lives soon come to their end?

This is 1984
This is 1984

Such a peaceful morning, such a peaceful night…
I hear the words the prophet spoke
I hope he’s not right or our lives will soon come to their end

This is 1984
This is 1984

Cold, cold windy journey
I’m going far away
I’m going to join the others
Back another day
Maybe yet our children will grow old

This is 1984
This is 1984

Words by George Davies. Copyright (c) Explicit Music 1984.

Words by George Davies and Ken Staple.
Music by George Davies and Ken Staple.
Recorded and produced by Ian Dent at Daylight Recording Studios, Honiton, Spring 1985.


Ken Staple – vocals
George Davies – guitar


  • This recording is the first take.
  • Ken added all the “yeah” “oh baby” and so on to the original lyrics as it was late in the day and he was flagging a bit.
  • Ken also added all the things from The Prisoner.
  • To fully appreciate everything that was added by Ken, it is advisable to read the lyrics whilst listening.
  • George wrote this song after arriving back at his house on New Year’s Day, 1984, having been at a celebration in Ottery St Mary the night before.
  • Its first performance was live on the streets of Exeter during a busking set.
  • It was difficult trying to record this due to the change of time signature, which caused a drum machine confufulation.