Explicit Music is the publishing company that deals with Wud Records and all of the bands that come under the Wud Records label. Explicit Music is headquartered in Exeter, England.


Well there’s whisky on the shelf
What are you running from?
Do you know if you’re coming or going?
Well I have got an idea
You’ll need someone to look after you
Just like I know that I can do

And you know that’s not what I want from you
And you know it’s over when the day is through

Well that’s no way to pay a bodyguard
I don’t want to be tied down
And I am so afraid of you
Because I know just what you can do

And you know that’s not what I want from you
And you know it’s over when the day is through

Words by G.Davies. Copyright (c) Explicit Music 1983.

Words and music by George Davies.
Recorded and produced by Ian Dent at Daylight Recording Studios, Honiton, Spring 1985.


Ken Staple – vocals
George Davies – guitars


  • This song in the key of Am was written a few days after George spent a day in the Stokeinteignhead music studio of a friend of his father’s. Said friend of father played the two chords that begin the song as he tested that the necessary things were all on, and George, having never seen the second chord before, thought “Aha!”, although he spent most of the day fiddling with the rather magnificent organ and all its sounds and buttons.
  • The instrumental section that goes C-Bb-F-G-Am-Em-Bm-Dm originally had some lyrics that made a chorus. They spoke of such things as sheep, fields, grass and the relative merits of the colours thereof, but were soon dropped due to being too silly.
  • Fairly near the start of this version George almost makes a right mess of the lead guitar again, but just about manages to get away with it. It’s take 347, or thereabouts.
  • The guitar used for this song was a Westone Paduak, which has subsequently seen a fair amount of action over the years and now lives at Cliff’s house.
  • The sound of the guitar was never really quite right on this recording. It sounded much better when played through an Electric Mistress and a proper amplifier. This version also misses the bass guitar.
  • Ken is extremely restrained in the performance.
  • The title of this song was too long for the eventual cassette that was produced, and was truncated to simply Bodyguard.
  • This song was something a campfire favourite among the Wud posse.